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Get Married Today $20   **Walk In's Welcome Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm .**
American Ministries is dedicated to helping others get married. In today's economy most ministers are forced to charge higher rates for wedding services and the local courts have long waiting lists ,We strive to keep our fees at a minimum.  We're the largest wedding officiant service in Ohio. We have multiple full time Officiants, several outside Officiants and a Judge available to officiate your wedding.  We have several very low cost basic options available and we also offer more expensive full custom ceremony options for those who wish to have a serious one of a kind wedding or a wedding designed around a specific bride and groom. We offer religious and non-religious ceremonies. Whether you require just a quick Sign-N-Go wedding, full professional non-religious ceremony or a full religious ceremony, we may have an Officiant available for your date.

Our rates are: (Franklin County) 8am to 8pm. Outside Franklin county and after 8pm or holidays may be extra. We officiate anywhere in Ohio 24/7 and 365 days a year.

$0   FREE  We offer a free Sign-N-G0 at our office each Tuesday from NOON to 3pm only. If you can't afford the $20 fee, just walk in during this time and tell the receptionist you can't afford the fee and bring your Bride/Groom (no guests) and your marriage license and we will officiate your paperwork.  If your marriage license if from other than Franklin county, you must reside in Ohio. 

$20   You come to one of our offices for a simple sign and go.  With this you get a quick ceremony of vows and ring exchange if desired and we sign your license and file your paper work with the court and there's no big wedding.  Many times people only want to be married to the one they love and want it quick and simple. this is for them. Up to 4 guests are ok (Cash price only. Add $5.00 for credit cards)  **after 5pm or on weekends extra and by appointment only**

$40  We will send a Officiant to your location within Franklin County whether it be your home, office, park, hospital or just in a parking lot to sign your paperwork and make your marriage  official. Bride and Groom only with this service. (No ceremony)  This takes only a few minutes. we do this 7 days a week. We will also officiate your marriage at the courthouse at the time you get your marriage license for this fee. You will get your license and minutes later be married and your paper work filed on the spot by our Officiant. There is no ceremony for this fee. We just sign your marriage license and file the paperwork with the county probate court and you are then officially married.        (outside Franklin county may be extra)

$50 Rehearsal fee: (optional) If you or your venue require a rehearsal and you or the venue require our Officiant to be present. We never require rehearsals, however some venue's do.

$80  Normal Full Ceremony at your location:  We come to your location and officiate your wedding 7 days a week no matter how large your ceremony, you can have as many guests as you desire.  For this fee the minister performs a full professional ceremony, Unity Candle and Sand Ceremonies are free with this service. Office visits to meet with the Officiant is also free during normal business hours at our office. All paper work is filed with the probate court within 3 business days after the wedding.     

$80 Vow Renewal Ceremony:  We will perform your vow renewal ceremony at your location 7 days a week . No limit on guests.

$100 Quick (Small) Full Ceremony at our Columbus office. Seating is limited to 18 guests. Call for details

FULL CUSTOM CEREMONIES AVAILABLE at an additional charge for those who have written and designed their own huge ceremony and scripts that are very personal to their wedding only and are time consuming. Some desire everything customized to the letter and this is for those couples. No matter what it is, give us a call and we may have an Officiant available for your date and time.  Full Catholic Ceremonies also fall under this category as the ceremony can take more than an hour.

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** Do you desire to only be married by a actual Judge at your location? Call us, We have a Judge who will officiate your wedding at your location.  Need a Native American Shaman? We have one available. Full Catholic Ceremonies also available. *Prices vary for these services.*


We never charge any other fees unless you're outside Franklin County or you need special services as these services require much more time and travel. 

For more information call 614-233-1950 or email

** Weddings Performed by appointment 7 Days A Week, 24 hours and 365 days a year ** Get married Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Day by appointment
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Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm After hours and Holidays are by appointment.

American Ministries
Columbus Ohio's Premier Wedding Officiants
How to get married in Columbus Ohio? Get married here in Downtown Columbus for only $20. Walk in's welcome.
If your looking for a Wedding Officiant or Wedding Minister, look no further. we're the number one and largest Officiant service in Columbus for a reason. We have multiple Officiants who have the experience to make your wedding day one to remember.  Our fees are the lowest in the county for a Wedding Officiant or Wedding Minister.  Why let the courthouse be your wedding chapel, We're only 3 blocks away.  If your looking for places to get married free in Columbus, we also offer a free service each Tuesday from 12 noon until 3 pm.
Required deposits and fees are non-refundable.
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Walk-in Sign-N-Go weddings are $20 Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm. Just bring your valid marriage license and $20 to 5900 Roche Dr Columbus Ohio 43229.  No appointment necessary. Just minutes north of the Franklin county courthouse.  With the $20 service you get a small quick ceremony (Vows & Ring exchange) and you can bring up to 4 guests if you would like (6 total with Bride/Groom) at no extra cost.  * After 5pm weekdays OR weekend's are $25 and by appointment only  *
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Our ceremonies are NON-RELIGIOUS by default. If you require religious content please let us know at the time you schedule
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